Episode 0- Ghost Of The Machine

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DAY 1:
Hello tape-recorder.. My name is Tess, and your’s is?
Never mind you are inanimate. Who even uses these things anymore? But I digress, let’s start
My name is Tess, I am a UNM of Albuquerque college student majoring in history. I have been
tasked with studying and documenting my family history for my summer assignment. So let’s
start at the beginning shall we?
I was born in Maine but my parents moved us to Maryland when I was 3. Rather my father
moved us to Maryland, so he could work for the Government in Washington DC. (Thanks dad)
We only lived there for about 2 years before he got some huge promotion and we had to pick up
and move again to New Mexico of all places. The town we live in is call Los Alamos, I bet you’ve
never heard of it. Turns out that not many people have. In fact it’s nickname is The Secret City.
It’s claim to fame is that back in the 1940s this town was a top secret military base where the
first atomic bomb was made. You know, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that kind of thing. In the 50s
the town was declassified and people other than Scientists were allowed to live here. Thus this
strange little town was born. Although it was declassified most of the residents still work at the
Los Alamos National Laboratory or LANL, locally known as the Lab. 2 of those aforementioned
residents would be my Grandfather and father.
Dad was super excited to get the promotion that moved us here since it was his boyhood town.
My late Grandfather had moved his family here shortly after the town was declassified about
1952 or so if my calculations are correct. He moved here so he could work for the lab for what
turned out to be nearly 40 years.
Unfortunately My Grandpa passed away about 5 months ago now. He left behind quite the
legacy though. My father inherited the house but hasn’t decided what to do with it yet. I
Volunteered to help with sorting through the 60 plus years of accumulated junk. Which has
turned out to be pretty interesting, not to mention that it happens to work out great with my
summer assignment. Apparently grandpas favorite hobby after retiring was to research and
document the local history along with our families. I guess I come by my interest in history
honestly. Tomorrow I will go over to the old place and begin documenting of my own, hopefully,
where he left off.
DAY 2:
Well, I’m here, Surrounded by boxes and the smell of old people. Who knew that one person
could collect so much stuff? I mean I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised.. But this is just
ridiculous.*sigh*. Anyways, let’s see, where to start? Let’s move some of these around so that I
can actually sit somewhere.. If you could only see the amount of dust on these boxes!
Okay, there we go, now that I’m comfortable, more or less, let’s get started. Hmmm This box
looks small enough, I will not even try to wipe off the dust enough to see what this is suppose to
have in it, I’ll just dive right in. *cough*really get down to business I’ll have to look elsewhere. I’ll
start in his study, I saw a
Jack pot! There is an entire wall of books regarding history including on our family! Thank you
grandpa! This will make my assignment so much easier! Where do I even begin? Looks like it’s
all arranged by date.. What the… 3 of these seem to be out of order, 7,26,62? Wait.. That’s
dads birthday, that strange and the middle book looks out of place too, to new and less dusty.
What the!? *clicking and door creaks open*
Oh My god, a door just opened from the bookshelf. Sure.. Not creepy at all.. (Click)
Wow, look at these.. These must be some pictures of Los Alamos way back in the day,
interesting.. I wonder what it was like all those years ago, I doubt it could have been any weirder
than it is now.
There is a ton of pictures in this box, this is going to take… Wait a minute who are these
people? Looks like a wedding? Wow I thought grandpa hated getting all dressed up, Man he
really use to clean up well. I can see why grandma fell so hard for him. And grandma, wow so
beautiful! No wonder he could never take his eyes off her. I wonder if mom and dad could find a
place for this picture in their house.
Well, as interesting as this is, I’m not seeing much in the way of actual history. I Think if I want to
Sorry about going off there but I mean it’s not everyday that you find a hidden room in your
grandfather’s study..
From what I knew of grandpa “hidden” wasn’t in his vocab, at least outside of his work. I can’t
believe he would be the kind of person to hide something so.. Big. Especially from his family. I
guess I was wrong.
Good grief this room is a disaster,. I can barely even move without.. *lots of papers falling*
great.. Like I was saying. I’ll have to go through those later, no way I can do it now I can’t even
bend over because there’s so many folders and papers stacked everywhere. What is all this
stuff, more history? I swear I am going to trip over something soon if I don’t, yes there I see
something resembling a desk. Maybe I can park myself there and figure out what the heck all
this is. *lots of rustling and papers falling*
Made it.. Not gracefully but that’s beside the point. So apparently Grandpa has been keeping
this little room a secret for what looks like a really long time.
There are tons of newspaper clippings here not to mention all his handwritten notes.
Right on top I see a newspaper clip out from 2013 about the vault tunnel being declassified and
open to the public. I guess grandpa never really left the lab even after retiring..
He has handwritten pages about the vault tunnel right under this clipping..
JULY 24,2013:
“They try to say that they declassified the tunnel because it was no longer in use and was never
really used for anything serious anyway, just storage. I know better though,Sure they were no
longer using it for high security purposes but there were still things that should have never been
seen by common eyes.It helps that I still have friends on the inside of course, my source told me
of how just a week prior to the declassification there was a break in. Two young boys had snuck
in to the Tunnel Vault. Security cameras caught them on tape of course, but apparently there
was some strange interference and at some point the power went out, and the generators never
kicked on. The boys got away, but I am determined to track them down.
JULY 25,2013:
I discovered that one of the boys has a father that works at the lab, I guess he finally cracked
and told his mother about the excursion. My source gave me a last name of Gordon. Tomorrow
I will pay a visit to the Gordon house hold and see if i can speak with the kid.
JULY 26, 2013:
This latest development is difficult to swallow. I’m rather shaken up about it. If it’s true, I have
every right to be terrified. I went to Mr and Mrs. Gordon’s home and Mr. Gordon of course was
at work, but Mrs. Gordon and her son Johnny were home. After some evasive maneuvers and
some white lies i was able to speak with young Johnny by himself. He told me the following
story between shaky breaths.
“ Austin and I always loved exploring and discovering secrets especially if it was something to
do with the Lab. My dad works there like you said, but once he crosses the bridge he may as
well have disappeared off the face of the Earth. He works with some pretty big government
projects I guess, but I’m never allowed to ask questions about it. Anyway, a few weeks ago one
of the other boys at school said he heard his dad talking about some top secret tunnel
somewhere under Mcdonalds. I knew I had to find it and take Austin with me. So we set up a
sleep over at my place and snuck out after my parents fell asleep. I had found the general
location the day before so we could get there pretty easy. When we came to the huge wire
fences we knew we had found it. The gates weren’t electric and there weren’t even any guards,
we figured it couldn’t be that serious if we snuck in. We found a spot where the fence met up
with the wall and it had a hole just big enough for us to squeeze through after we dug down a
little. Once we were in we walked across to the building that we figured must house the
entrance. We knew we had found the right place when we found a huge tunnel entrance. There
were lots of fluorescent lights that just stayed on so we didn’t have to use our flashlights
anymore. We started walking down and it seemed to go on forever. Just one long tunnel going
straight down. Finally we saw a huge steel door, we figured that was the end, we knew we
wouldn’t be able to open that thing. But Austin really wanted to see what was behind it so he
made us just try to twist the lock and amazingly it turned pretty easily. The huge door swung
open silently. It was dark beyond so we turned our flashlights back on and after daring each
other to go in we finally just went together.There was a smaller tunnel that went straight and
one that went off to our left. We decided to go straight first because we could see something
catch the glint of our lights. I remember how cold and quiet it was in there we both started to get
kinda spooked. We were talking about just giving up and heading back when we found what
was catching the light. There were 5 big steel doors that looked identical. I don’t know what was
behind any of them because they were all locked up tight. Believe me we tried though. Since we
didn’t find much else there, we decided to go back to the tunnel that was on our left when we
came in. We backtracked and began making our way into this new tunnel. Somehow this one
seemed even darker. As we k
closet. Austin started reaching out to try the handle when I suddenly was terrified and i
screamed at him to stop. His hand froze just a few centimeters from the door. He glared at me
but asked why I had done that. I told him I thought we should leave. I should have begged him
to leave then. We never should have opened that door. He didn’t listen and when he touched
the metal handle he screamed, and started making a weird noise. It took me a few seconds to
realize he was laughing. I punched him in the arm and walked into the room that had just been
revealed. Inside there was nothing but one big machine with a ton of buttons and switches.
Austin was still laughing but he followed me in and shone his light around the room. He gasped
and I looked to see him staring at something above my head. I followed his gaze with my light
and saw a sign, it said “project Poltergeist”. We thought that was pretty creepy but then he came
up to where I was standing by the machine. He started turning the dials, and flicking switches
before i had time to react. I asked him what the heck he was doing. We didn’t know what any of
these things do, but nothing seemed to be happening at all. I started to laugh and hit buttons
and flick switches with him when we saw a big button that said “start” we pushed it. Nothing
happened for a few seconds but then we heard a weird buzzing behind us. When we turned we
saw a black spot spreading on the wall. It grew and grew until it was the size of my dad. We
didn’t move until it had stopped, then i shined my light into it, but the beam just disappeared. I’ve
never seen darkness like that it’s like my light wasn’t even on, And the cold that was seeping out
of that hole was like nothing i ever felt before. We were both shivering when we heard a new
noise. It sounded like walking or shuffling like someone was dragging themselves. It was
coming toward us from the hole in the wall. Austin screamed for me to hit the button again but i
was so scared i just ran. He was right behind me, He to close the door behind us but when his
hand met the metal door handle he screamed and fell to the ground. I thought he was pranking
me again but he wasn’t getting up and that noise was getting closer. I started trying to drag him
out when his eyes opened and looked at his hand, we both nearly barfed, it was dark and
looked burned. I grabbed Austin and we started out. He was struggling to walk so it was taking
forever. By the time we rounded the corner to the big tunnel we heard the door behind us open.
Whatever it was it was chasing us! I was dragging austin as fast as possible but it was so slow,
and the thing was gaining on us. We were about half way through the huge tunnel when the
florescent lights behind us started shattering on by one. Slowly at first but it was picking up
speed. We were going to get caught in the dark. Austin told me to run. I was such a coward I
dropped him and ran. That’s when all the lights went out at once. I froze but i didn’t hear
anything. It was dead quiet. Then the lights came back on, i figured there must have been a
backup generator or something. I looked back and saw the last light that shattered was the one
right before where Austin was standing. Austin was standing there with his head hanging down
swaying slightly. I ran to him and shook him so hard that he snapped awake. He screamed for
us to run and this time he ran too. Somehow we got out and ran back to my house. We didn’t
sleep that night. In the morning Austins mom came to pick him up. I haven’t seen him since.”
JULY 27, 2013:
After writing down Johnny’s experience I was exhausted so I slept, My dreams were dark and
terrifying. I still don’t know what to think of the things he told me. I Know the tapes show the
boys going in and on their way back out the power goes out. Johnny said the power came back
on after just a moment but the cameras only show black until the next morning. Something that
disturbs me is that on the camera right before the power goes out, the vault door is open. When
the cameras return. That door is closed.
I plan on going to find this Austin boy soon.
*papers shuffling roughly*
Ugh what the heck happened, that’s the end of the documentation, what happened to following
up grandpa? *sigh* I guess I’ll have to do it myself. Tomorrow morning I will go and see if I can
find this Austin boy, i wish he had included a last name. * Click*
Its closer to the next night, but unlike grandpa I did follow up, after way to much googling and
old school cold calls I found out that Johnny is 19 now and working on getting into the lab like
his dad. I had to leave a couple messages on his phone before he finally called me back, and
he nearly hang up on me when i brought up that night. He didn’t want to talk about it and got
pretty peeved at me for being persistent, but i got the info i needed. Austin’s last name was
Torres. I found his mother’s number and address in the phone book, I swear I don’t know why
so many people still use them. Regardless, I called the number and it was disconnected, score
for the phone book.. I ended up having to go to the house. I arrived on a street that looked like a
great place to raise kids but when i got to the house at the given address, it just.. Didn’t fit in. It
was dirty, the lawn unkempt and overgrown.it looked like no one had lived there in 10 years. I
knocked anyway, it was dead silent and i got kind of creeped out to be honest. Before i fully
turned away to give up though the door opened a fraction. A Pale face stared at me with
questioning and what looked almost like fear. Now I should be honest with you and say that i
had a feeling that whatever i was about to hear wouldn’t be the same coming from me.. I
secretly hid my phone with a recorder in my pocket and I hit record as soon as she answered.
Here’s the audio from that.
“Who are you”
“Hi my name is Tess, I’m a local college student on break and I have an assignment over the
summer. I chose to focus on local history, I heard that you and your son may have had an
experience to do with the Tunnel Vault before it was opened to the public in 2013. I was just
“No get off of my property right now, where did you even get that information?! Im calling the
“ no wait I swear I’ll get right out, just tell me where i might be able to find your son Austin
“He’s Dead! They killed him those monsters at the la”..” *sobbing*
“Oh my god, I’m sorry I had no idea.. But… how.. The lab people killed him?”
“No, I don’t know what happened that night. But my little boy is not who came home to me. I
took him to the ER as soon as i saw his first seizure, those black soulless eyes.. Oh god. They
said it was a sudden onset of a neurological disorder. I say that is bull! Are you with them?! Oh
my god you are aren’t you?! Get out of here. NOW! I’m dialing!”
*running* i’m sorry ma’am i didnt know, im so sorry, im leaving”
*car door closes* “oh god” *phone fumbles and goes off*
*sigh* So there you have it.. I guess that’s it. I have nothing else to add.

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